Understanding Alloy wheels From the Perspective of a Gearhead.

You don’t have to be a gear head to make the best choice on wheels. You just need to be aware of little mechanical differences that either makes a wheel great or structurally defective. Wheels either come as one piece or two piece set. The fundamental variance also comes with individual advantages and making a choice between the both would depend on the characteristics you desire for your vehicle. This is why it is necessary to go for a wheel brand that understands wheel properties and their structural compatibility with your vehicle. This would give you the benefit of making not just a choice based on beauty and flamboyance, but one based on well-engineered fitting, durability and compatibility.

The knowledge of wheels parts and their functions can help determine their value to your auto mobile wheel features that are usually taken into consideration when making a choice for either one piece or two piece wheels are:

  • The wheel size (in inches)
  • The width of wheels (in inches)
  • Bolt patterns (number of holes)
  • Pitch circular diameter (PCD) in mm
  • Disk unit (The spacing and structure)
  • Bead seat (for 2k)
  • The offset (in mm) – this is the overall width of the wheel from the outer rim to the inner rim.

One piece wheels

This wheel has no smaller division, hence its name. The advantage are light structural strength and firmness, lightness in weight and is more economical to purchase since there is obviously less material used in its manufacturing

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2- Piece wheel

This wheel comes in two parts. The inner base and the outer rim. A lot of scrupulousness goes into the production of these set in order to get the right fitments. The advantages of the two piece set are wide variety of wheel styles and designs available. There is possibility of replacing one piece of the wheel which may have become defective and this set can be customized and restructured to suit your vehicle’s needs. The features obviously makes the 2pc more expensive but they add value and poise to your vehicle.

Making decisions on the best wheel for your vehicle can be time consuming and overwhelming. That is why professional wheel brands such as the BC forged have made it their priority to assist in giving your vehicle the best look and performance it could ever have.

Top Fuel Efficient cars of 2017

There are a few important factors to put into consideration when purchasing a vehicle. Asides the engine capabilities, its speed, luxury and road safety features, another equally important factor is its fuel efficiency. The continuous dependence on availability of fuel can be exhausting and financially challenging. When going for long trips you have to keep staring at your fuel tank and doing a mental math of distance and displacement. All that can be checked by purchasing a vehicle that manages fuel effectively and helps you save. Here is a list of affordable cars for 2016 that are fuel efficient and are not even hybrids.


BMW 228IX DRIVE (2016)

This 4-seater family’s choice ride is very affordable and comes with both coupe and convertible versions. Its very fuel conserving and estimates up to 23mpg city and 35mpg highway. The 228i features 225ib-ft of torque and a turbo charged 2.0liter, four-cylinder engine that holds 240horse power.


The 4-WD luxury coupe has the best fuel economy engine of all the CLA-Class line up. It comes with a turbo-charged 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine and produces 208hp with 258lb-ft of torque. Power distribution is effected through a 7-speed automated manual transmission. This configuration initiates fuel economization system of 24mpg city and 33mpg on highway.


Since its debut in 2012, the Subaru Impreza has made a few upgrades in terms of comfort, space, and engine power and body style. This year the fuel economy brand has joined the competition with fuel conservation of 28mpg city and 37mpg highway. The 2016 Subaru Impreza also features 145ib-ft of torque, 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine which produces 148 horse powers. These are few of the 2016 fuel efficient vehicle to consider. They are quite affordable and easy to find.


Niche Wheels, The Importance of Standing out in a crowd

The niche brand takes into considerations the diverse needs of automobiles specs and customer needs in providing the perfect fit for your vehicles. Lots of features are put into considerations such as colors, materials, designs, fitting, size and purpose when choosing a niche for your vehicles. The niche brand manufactures diverse style of wheels to suit purpose in order to give your vehicle an edge in whatever terrain it plies on daily basis. The Niche upgrades are as follows


These two piece wheels are available in either traditional –bolt constructions or welded. The track niche series are engineered to exhibit maximum strength and performance.


This series features cast mono block structure without lip built with maximum concavity, large calipers on upgrades with aggressive fitments to suit its purpose. Sport cars are built to race so the ability for speed and friction is a priority.


As a cut-out from the 6061-T6 forged aluminum the Monotec features strength and light weight which pushes performance to a whole new level.


The U.S.A customs made wheels boasts of quality materials and best production techniques to meet standards.


This is an upgrade for modern domestics’ vehicles with features that maximizes it potentials such as a one piece cast wheel which bears a concave or convex facial profile. It features matte black finishes or two toned finishes and a stainless lip giving the illusion of a 3-pecec constructions.


It features: dual lug, cast mono block constructions, strong NR series wheels, large brake caliper upgrades

With Niche wheels you have the easies styling upgrades and a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your needs. Your vehicle gets that deserved lift it’s always needed. Find your Niche with Niche road wheels


Forgestar Wheels Are Some of the most Affordable Custom Wheels On the Planet!

What is that look that you have always visualized for your vehicle wheels? Are you meticulous and detailed when it comes to stance, wheel width, constructions and fitment of your tires and wheels? Do you have a taste for style, trendy finishes and super awesome dynamics?

Then you should take a closer look at the forge star brand of wheels built and designed to suit your specifications with customized bolts and patterns, lightweight alloy great variety in offsets, rotary forged flow formed barrel with Monoblack construction and wheel width of all range.

The acclaimed super deep concave fitment designed by Forgestar, which is widely known as the deepest concave design in the market stands out in its extraordinary aggressive posture.

The Forgestar leaves no stone unturned in matching every unique customer need with the most suitable well tested wheels which has passed simulations of toughest road conditions and terrain.

Test criteria

Consumer safety is of utmost priority so wheels products are put through series of laboratory testing to ensure that products meet regulatory standards. Each design with offset configuration is put through series of tests at maximum recommended load to check endurance and toughness through simulated tough roads.

To draw ultimate conclusion, the wheels must perfect the following test before final mass productions

Corner fatigue testing


There are various forces acting on the wheel while making a turn and these forces are stimulated from average to worst case scenarios to observe the toughness of the wheels.

Radial motion fatigue testing

The Stress applied to wheels on motion while on a straight path and during turns is also assessed.

Dynamics control testing

This test is specifically aimed at assessing the strength of the wheel parts such as the rim flange and the center disc against sudden breaks. Air leak is also simulated to observe the impact on wheels. These rigorous test procedures guarantee the durability and strength of every Forgestar design making them a highly rated wheel brand.


The Art of Avante Garde Wheels

What makes a piece of art perfect? Is it the time spent in planning, construction and deliberations? Is it the feeling it brings to the hearts of its audience; a mixed feeling of satisfaction and desire? Is it the passion for creating something so extraordinary that sets a new standard above its peers? Is it the quality of the design and the genius behind the artistic structure? Or maybe…. It is the number of years this great art has been in existence, showing resilience and durability. It’s worth increases as its standards remain unshaken and its quality unrivaled.

This is the nature of the Avant Garde wheel. The precision and detailed sculpting is achieved with state of the art technology utilizing CNC machining. Metal built from the finest aerospace caliber 6061-T6 forged which given each wheel that impressive strength and durability against any form of pressure of friction. Defiantly, the Avant Garde brand of luxury wheels has a reputation that elevates their status to the top of the chain when it comes to the best luxury wheels in the market. This is a legacy that was built over 40 years in the business with achievements and unequaled mastery that only comes from meticulousness. The passion of the brand is enviable and is evident in every single design. From the Monoblock to the two-piece series, all products can be customized to suit the needs and personality of each client. This enables every customer to have their status engraved in the choice of wheel.

The artistry exudes sophistication and profligate splendor. This is made possible by the professionalism of the brand. They also ensure that beauty also goes with brains by giving you the best fitment for your automobile, knowing fully well that every car has individual needs, sizes and specifications. The Avant Garde is definitely a masterpiece, one that every luxury car should have.