What is that look that you have always visualized for your vehicle wheels? Are you meticulous and detailed when it comes to stance, wheel width, constructions and fitment of your tires and wheels? Do you have a taste for style, trendy finishes and super awesome dynamics?

Then you should take a closer look at the forge star brand of wheels built and designed to suit your specifications with customized bolts and patterns, lightweight alloy great variety in offsets, rotary forged flow formed barrel with Monoblack construction and wheel width of all range.

The acclaimed super deep concave fitment designed by Forgestar, which is widely known as the deepest concave design in the market stands out in its extraordinary aggressive posture.

The Forgestar leaves no stone unturned in matching every unique customer need with the most suitable well tested wheels which has passed simulations of toughest road conditions and terrain.

Test criteria

Consumer safety is of utmost priority so wheels products are put through series of laboratory testing to ensure that products meet regulatory standards. Each design with offset configuration is put through series of tests at maximum recommended load to check endurance and toughness through simulated tough roads.

To draw ultimate conclusion, the wheels must perfect the following test before final mass productions

Corner fatigue testing


There are various forces acting on the wheel while making a turn and these forces are stimulated from average to worst case scenarios to observe the toughness of the wheels.

Radial motion fatigue testing

The Stress applied to wheels on motion while on a straight path and during turns is also assessed.

Dynamics control testing

This test is specifically aimed at assessing the strength of the wheel parts such as the rim flange and the center disc against sudden breaks. Air leak is also simulated to observe the impact on wheels. These rigorous test procedures guarantee the durability and strength of every Forgestar design making them a highly rated wheel brand.


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