The niche brand takes into considerations the diverse needs of automobiles specs and customer needs in providing the perfect fit for your vehicles. Lots of features are put into considerations such as colors, materials, designs, fitting, size and purpose when choosing a niche for your vehicles. The niche brand manufactures diverse style of wheels to suit purpose in order to give your vehicle an edge in whatever terrain it plies on daily basis. The Niche upgrades are as follows


These two piece wheels are available in either traditional –bolt constructions or welded. The track niche series are engineered to exhibit maximum strength and performance.


This series features cast mono block structure without lip built with maximum concavity, large calipers on upgrades with aggressive fitments to suit its purpose. Sport cars are built to race so the ability for speed and friction is a priority.


As a cut-out from the 6061-T6 forged aluminum the Monotec features strength and light weight which pushes performance to a whole new level.


The U.S.A customs made wheels boasts of quality materials and best production techniques to meet standards.


This is an upgrade for modern domestics’ vehicles with features that maximizes it potentials such as a one piece cast wheel which bears a concave or convex facial profile. It features matte black finishes or two toned finishes and a stainless lip giving the illusion of a 3-pecec constructions.


It features: dual lug, cast mono block constructions, strong NR series wheels, large brake caliper upgrades

With Niche wheels you have the easies styling upgrades and a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your needs. Your vehicle gets that deserved lift it’s always needed. Find your Niche with Niche road wheels


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