What makes a piece of art perfect? Is it the time spent in planning, construction and deliberations? Is it the feeling it brings to the hearts of its audience; a mixed feeling of satisfaction and desire? Is it the passion for creating something so extraordinary that sets a new standard above its peers? Is it the quality of the design and the genius behind the artistic structure? Or maybe…. It is the number of years this great art has been in existence, showing resilience and durability. It’s worth increases as its standards remain unshaken and its quality unrivaled.

This is the nature of the Avant Garde wheel. The precision and detailed sculpting is achieved with state of the art technology utilizing CNC machining. Metal built from the finest aerospace caliber 6061-T6 forged which given each wheel that impressive strength and durability against any form of pressure of friction. Defiantly, the Avant Garde brand of luxury wheels has a reputation that elevates their status to the top of the chain when it comes to the best luxury wheels in the market. This is a legacy that was built over 40 years in the business with achievements and unequaled mastery that only comes from meticulousness. The passion of the brand is enviable and is evident in every single design. From the Monoblock to the two-piece series, all products can be customized to suit the needs and personality of each client. This enables every customer to have their status engraved in the choice of wheel.

The artistry exudes sophistication and profligate splendor. This is made possible by the professionalism of the brand. They also ensure that beauty also goes with brains by giving you the best fitment for your automobile, knowing fully well that every car has individual needs, sizes and specifications. The Avant Garde is definitely a masterpiece, one that every luxury car should have.

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