You don’t have to be a gear head to make the best choice on wheels. You just need to be aware of little mechanical differences that either makes a wheel great or structurally defective. Wheels either come as one piece or two piece set. The fundamental variance also comes with individual advantages and making a choice between the both would depend on the characteristics you desire for your vehicle. This is why it is necessary to go for a wheel brand that understands wheel properties and their structural compatibility with your vehicle. This would give you the benefit of making not just a choice based on beauty and flamboyance, but one based on well-engineered fitting, durability and compatibility.

The knowledge of wheels parts and their functions can help determine their value to your auto mobile wheel features that are usually taken into consideration when making a choice for either one piece or two piece wheels are:

  • The wheel size (in inches)
  • The width of wheels (in inches)
  • Bolt patterns (number of holes)
  • Pitch circular diameter (PCD) in mm
  • Disk unit (The spacing and structure)
  • Bead seat (for 2k)
  • The offset (in mm) – this is the overall width of the wheel from the outer rim to the inner rim.

One piece wheels

This wheel has no smaller division, hence its name. The advantage are light structural strength and firmness, lightness in weight and is more economical to purchase since there is obviously less material used in its manufacturing

Check out some of the once piece wheels for sale over at revwerks wheels.

2- Piece wheel

This wheel comes in two parts. The inner base and the outer rim. A lot of scrupulousness goes into the production of these set in order to get the right fitments. The advantages of the two piece set are wide variety of wheel styles and designs available. There is possibility of replacing one piece of the wheel which may have become defective and this set can be customized and restructured to suit your vehicle’s needs. The features obviously makes the 2pc more expensive but they add value and poise to your vehicle.

Making decisions on the best wheel for your vehicle can be time consuming and overwhelming. That is why professional wheel brands such as the BC forged have made it their priority to assist in giving your vehicle the best look and performance it could ever have.

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